Saturday, July 18, 2009


It was farewell to Paris after breakfast and off into the trustworthy Citroen C4 for the eight-hour drive south to Lourdes. A wrong turned didn't prevent us from getting on the A10 fast enough. But a few massive jams and intermittent showers slowed the journey down to 10 hours. Sam enjoyed the sights of the vineyards and sunflower nurseries. In the middle of the showers, on the approached near Lourdes, we were blessed with beautiful sunshine at 9pm, just enough to get us to Lourdes before the showers took over again. We stopped at the Church first at 9.45pm to visit the grotto where our Blessed Virgin Mother of God appeared to Benedette. It was almost 11pm when we finally checked into the Notre Dame Hotel and sat down to dinner.

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  1. Lourdes +6+2 picture - Was this picture take at 9.45pm at the site?
    Anyway, the pictures and narratives are well taken and written:) Well done!