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It is a curious fact that some seem to have a major problem with the Virgin Mary. It is a problem that goes far beyond theological reason and debate. In some quarters there seems to be a major antipathy, almost hatred, directed at one of the key figures in the story of redemption. In fact a few protestant apologists write of the Mother of the Redeemer almost as if she were the enemy of God. How can this unhealthy state of affairs have come about?

Perhaps it has something to do with the misogynistic tendencies that were evident in many of the Reformers, although most actually maintained Marian doctrines that would surprise their modern-day followers. There is also a great deal of ignorance among modern-day protestants as to the Scriptural and other ancient support for most of the Marian doctrines.

It is the fundamentalist move away from Mary that has been the recent aberration. Yet even many Protestant Christians who are not so extreme still believe that Catholic and Orthodox doctrines on the Virgin Mary are unscriptural and are inventions of the Medieval Church, being unknown to the early Christians.

How true is this?
To find out, we must examine the doctrines about the Virgin Mary which Evangelical Protestants claim to be unscriptural.
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  1. HI,

    I am a Catholic inquirer who is still wrestling with Marian theology, and perhaps more, Marian practice, as I believe that there are plenty of Catholics who do go too far.

    I think the best way to sum up the protestant perspective is in a brief post by John Piper:


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  3. Marian theology or Mariology for short is not so difficult to understand for non-Catholics and the key to understanding the teachings about her is patience and shedding all preconceived notions about how Catholics honour her.

    Another point for non-Catholic Christians to note is that there are different levels of prayer in Catholic life and our basic form is the same as what Protestants view as worship. The highest form of prayer Catholics practice, and is absent in Protestant life, is the Mass which is worship reserved only for God.