Sunday, January 23, 2011


Protecting the most vulnerable human beings, babies in the wombs of their mothers, is the duty of every living person. Sadly, not all moms and dads think that way and, along with some doctors, collude to play executioners of their own children, who are no less their flesh and blood

The state of the unborn is not strong.

If you were an unborn baby, and if you were aware of all your “options,” you might think of them in these terms: “I could have a nice life in here for the next nine months. This is what Mommy went through once, a long time ago, and now she’s bringing me into the world. I hope I can have a baby of my own some day.”

Or: “My life could end in any number of ways. If I don’t die naturally, I could be pulled out with a vacuum device. I could be torn apart with surgical instruments. I could be scalded to death with a saline solution. I could be allowed to proceed down the birth canal and have my brains sucked out before I’m allowed to be fully born.”

“If my mother doesn’t know for sure that I’m here, and she’s afraid she might be pregnant, she could take a large dose of birth control pills and make it extremely difficult for me to settle in. Then I’d just starve to death, mostly unnoticed.”

“The doctor did a test on me, and they think there’s something wrong. My parents say they don’t want to put me through ‘suffering’ in life, so they’re going to end it now.”

“I’m a girl. They wanted a boy.”
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